Quilt Table
Quilt patterns are a common
motif in my work, whether in
household items, sculpture or
This small sculpture stands 18"
tall, and is made from fused
glass, marble and silver.
Phil Melemed has been working with art glass
since 2003.  I have a home-based glass studio in
Silver Spring, Maryland.  I have taken classes at
Washington Glass School in Washington DC, and
at Vitrum Studios and Weisser Glass in Maryland.
I produce functional and decorative objects using
glass, metal, wood, stone and occasionally other
materials.  Most of the glass is formed using
Kiln-formed, or "warm glass", methods.
If you like my work and are interested in seeing more or commissioning a piece to
your specifications, please contact me at
My glass is formed in a kiln at temperatures between 1100 and 1500 degrees
Fahrenheit.  Most glass is initially flat; many pieces are then shaped further by
heating them enough to relax into molds.  Sometimes I grind the glass, cut it with
saws, drill it, sandblast it, etch it, polish it or paint it.  Occasionally I add feet,
fasteners or findings to it using adhesives, or make custom stands for display.
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